Client promises

Promisiunea catre clienti

We’re committed to developing a long-term relationship with you. We are not just looking for the fee.

Your business is important to us and we never forget that. We will not promise you anything we cannot deliver and we will be honest and straightforward with you from the outset.

We will listen and strive to truly understand your needs and requirements - and will if required help you develop the appropriate supporting recruitment package (Job Description, Person Specification, Property Profile, Compensation and Benefit package, local conditions etc) and wherever possible we will visit you on site.

Anything you tell us which are confidential - remains that way until you tell us otherwise.

Your success is our success. We rely on your referrals - not only for candidates but also for clients, as a consequence we believe the only job that’s good enough is an excellent job.

Our objective is to make the recruitment process for you as professional and painless as possible - presenting you as a first choice employer. Recruitment can be a timely and costly process - but by acting as your partner, mentor, supporter, adviser and confidant, we believe that we can find you the best person for the position.

We are proud of an exceptional client portfolio, hundreds of recruitment projects completed for the most famous international brands in the field, with hundreds of private and corporate events organized with and for the largest companies in the industry with the opening of the biggest hotel 5 stars from Romania. 15 years and hundreds of other projects of branding, rebranding, hospitality consultancy, leasing and rental staff, outsource services for hotels and restaurants and other catering services.

With every placement we have contributed to development the hospitality industry in Romania and thousands of applicants have found support from our company; by rating, professional planning advice and consultancy provider of prestige we managed to find the best solutions for each Jobseeker career development in part at any level including management career. Many people employed by our company are now managers and we continue to collaborate with them.